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просп. Возз’єднання 15/17, оф. 106

Тел/факс: (044) 295-90-47

Тел.: (095) 803-29-68


Information services

Our company offers its clients a range of information services for business registration (LLC, PE, FO-P) and to obtain certain permits, including a full range of information services on registration and maintenance of security activity.

This includes:

  • consultations on the development of constituent documents (minutes of the founders, the decision on the establishment of the company owner, status, etc.);
  • advice on the selection of activities according to NACE;
  • advice on completing registration cards;
  • advice on the payment of state fees and other required payments;
  • advice on the registration in the state registration and other specified instances; advice on the production of seals and stamps;
  • advice on obtaining statements in bodies DFS VAT payers, or (or) single tax;
  • advice on the preparation and maintenance of documents to open accounts in banks;
  • advice on preparing documents and full support for getting a license;
  • advice on security activities;
  • other information services.
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